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When do I use Sabisu instead of my historian/DCS process viewer?

Sabisu deployments often include many operational levels; operators/technicians, shift managers, process engineers, functional heads, executive teams. A common question is how Sabisu fits alongside other operational tools, particularly those bundled with DCS or historian software. Process Control Sabisu is not a … Continue reading

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Sabisu User Group: You lead, we will follow

Last Wednesday saw us hosting the first of our 2017 User Groups. We’re always eager to hear customer feedback first hand – whether positive or negative, it’s the fastest way to improve our product & delivery. We started by setting … Continue reading

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Data quality – garbage in, recycled goodness out

Data quality is a way of life – it’s something that needs monitoring, that needs reporting on…but you need the right tools. Obviously Sabisu can handle the reporting side, but we’re often asked, “How do you ensure data quality?” Often … Continue reading

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Managing implementation – 3 key aspects at Sabisu

When budgets are being cut and forecasts are uncertain it’s understandable that all spend comes under pressure. It’s tempting to cut corners – with testing perhaps, or project management. Surely implementation can be managed in-house? Or perhaps done without at all, delegating to … Continue reading

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What happens when you upload a file in Sabisu Go?

Sabisu Go is a small app that allows you to quickly and easily integrate any and all of your data into Sabisu reports and analytics. Most of our customers are heavily reliant on MS Excel. It’s a powerful tool but leads … Continue reading

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Why Sabisu does real-time rather than batch access

Until now it’s been difficult to access proprietary format or legacy data sources; new connectivity capabilities can present a consumer standard integrated user experience. Here at Sabisu we do a lot of this; Sabisu is seen by customers as a … Continue reading

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How not to screw up choosing enterprise software

We’re well used to talking to procurement and IT departments. They’re our friends and they’re candid about the shortfalls in their processes when it comes to software procurement. So, this is for them – we know it’s pushing at an … Continue reading

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Bringing the Control Room into the Dev team

We’re just back from a trip to see a customer in Holland where they’re deploying Sabisu into their control rooms. It’s an environment where every decision has to be right and so collaboration is essential. As Peter, our host said, … Continue reading

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Sabisu Enterprise Search – an introduction

Sabisu is all about collecting everything you need into one place; manufacturing data, enterprise data, people, actions, documents and anything else you may need. So enterprise search was the obvious topic for our hackathon; we felt it was important that … Continue reading

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Organising and managing a successful ‘hackathon’ or ‘hack day’

Avid readers of the blog will notice that this week, there’s no Sabisu release. The reason is that we’ve all been holed up in a secret location in deepest Derbyshire, cutting some new and rather interesting code. Here’s why and … Continue reading

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