The Sabisu Easy Guarantee

The Easy Guarantee answers some of the common questions new customers have about working with us. It shows we live by the principles on which we founded the company; integrity, accountability and partnership.

Easy In

  • We guarantee we can handle your requirements
  • We guarantee minimal risk

Easy Out

  • We guarantee business continuity


We guarantee we can handle your requirements

The #1 question new customers have for us is:
We’re <a massive company> with <many employees>, how can you handle our requirements?

Firstly, we’ve built a software platform that’s designed to handle it for us.

Secondly, we have an organisation structure that scales, with Customer Implementation, Continuous Operations and Product Development departments.

Thirdly, each department has excellent processes which balance workload and minimise risk on both sides as per our ‘Easy Exit Guarantee’.

These structures and processes have been honed on deployments of up to ~5,000 users.

Finally, if you’re genuinely talking about a deployment to >10,000 users, we have burst capacity in place; a significant network of trained implementation partners we can use if you want a very large volume deployment.

You’ll always feel we help you first.


We guarantee minimal risk

Sabisu is very quick to implement. In short sprints of 1-2 weeks we can deliver usable, implemented solutions to your problems.

Even the biggest deployments are built out of these short sprints. Our implementation processes manage the risk, providing opportunities every day to take on board feedback and guide the implementation to success.

Unlike other enterprise software implementations you’re not committed to a huge spend or risk from the outset.

You can exit or pause at any time while continuing to use the completed solutions.


We guarantee business continuity

The #1 concern customers want to discuss with us is: What if you cease to trade?

Firstly be assured that our survival has nothing to do with size; the team supports $30bn megaprojects without breaking a sweat. Big companies go bust all the time.

There are two things to consider: business continuity and your data.

Your data is safe and it’ll stay safe. In the event the Sabisu platform is permanently unavailable all your data will be made available to you as a download from the parent Community page (i.e., the Community under which your users are licensed). There’ll be a 30 day period where the platform will only show this page to Community Administrators.

Sabisu can implement and maintain a minimal infrastructure which would be made available in the event the main platform is rendered permanently unavailable, allowing continued use of the platform without interruption. Contact us at for more details.


Contact Us

Any questions about our guarantee should be addressed to

We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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