🎄The Road to Self Service Visualizations

Self Service is something we speak about a lot because we want the Insights platform to be as self service as possible so that all users can quickly, easily and independently build their own reporting dashboards. One of the final hurdles we have to make on this journey is the ability to create your own visualizations in the platform.

The gold standard for this would be allowing the user to upload an image and drag and drop it into Pipelines to point your data at certain parts of it, combine it with other templates such as thermos and then deploy this to your dashboard.

In order to complete this goal we have identified 3 sprints of improvements to make to Pipelines, the first of which has just been delivered w/c 16th December:

  • Changed how visualizations are built and configured in the Builder to allow for a more structured set up.
  • Real time updates when configuring a template in a Pipeline.
  • Updated User Interface when configuring a template in a Pipeline to provide better visual aids for where data will be updated in the visualization with additional context.

We’re aiming for Sprint 2 to be delivered w/c 13th January which will provide enhanced features and visualizations which empowers user to create their own visualizations such as building their own visualizations using existing templates.

With Sprint 3 following w/c 27th January, providing users with the visualization builder where they can create custom visualizations to better illustrate their data. Users will be able to combine existing visualizations into one single view.

Something else you might find useful…..

When you print a Workflow Form it will now print each section on a separate page.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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