10 reasons you should be using Sabisu Analytics

Sabisu Analytics have been a big success with our customers this year. They’re built so as to apply to any customer with any process, so we think they’ll be really useful for you too.

If you’d like a demo to see how Sabisu Analytics can transform your data and revolutionise your processes then contact us to arrange a live demo.

Here are our 10 reasons you should give Sabisu Analytics a try.


  1. Lean & Fast
    The analytics solutions from Sabisu are real-time or near-real-time.

  2. Data-driven algorithms mean minimal setup required
    We generally don’t need information about the assets or processes we are analysing. Just the data.

  3. Minimal configuration required
    The algorithms will generate “sensible defaults” by analysing existing data.
    These settings can then be “tweaked” if necessary by the user

  4. Versatile.
    The algorithms we develop are not restricted to a single use-case. E.g. anomaly detection does not just work for one asset type (such as heat exchangers), it works for any asset that produces time series data.

    This gives it a clear distinction from model-based fault detection systems which may be extremely good at providing information on the asset they are designed for, but no use for anything else.

  5. Ubiquitous throughout the Sabisu platform
    The analytics are available in stand alone solutions, as well as in our calculation engine, our analytics sandbox and individual widgets (through Widget Working View).

  6. Analytics for any data
    Sabisu Analytics are not limited to time series analysis. They also process “discrete event data”, which covers things such as alarm systems and project plan data.

  7. Vendor & process agnostic
    This is a feature of Sabisu rather than the analytics themselves. But the ability to combine data from various sources in the same analytics algorithm is powerful.

  8. Modular
    Through building pipelines different analytics algorithms can be combined to create a solution suitable for any use-case.
  9. Data of any size
    The analytics algorithms are designed to work with data sets of any size, from small operations with a few time series, to large-scale data sets from multiple installations.

  10. Scalable
    Sabisu Analytics run anywhere, from small local servers to distributed cloud installations.


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