2019 – 12 Months in Review

What a year 2019 has been for everyone here in the Sabisu Team, we’ve released some exciting new features to the platform and joined the AspenTech family.

Here’s our favorite 12 memories from 2019, let us know what your favorite “Sabisu” 2019 moments have been.


In the first month we gave you Sentiment Analysis for all your Sabisu Notes through our beta mode, which analyses narrative, commentary and Notes to determine if they are positive, negative or neutral comments. This is useful in almost any environment, e.g., prioritizing analysis of parts of a lengthy report, or highlighting project issues/risks. As the analytic has been refined it’s been extended from Sabisu Notes to all narrative capture. 

Honorable mention to: The Creator Role


In the second month we brought you Community Page Auditing; whenever a Community page is published the changes are captured for you to view in the Page Info. Users are prompted to give a reason for the edits they are making which means you will be able to look at who made a change, when and why.

Honorable mention to : Table Totals in Pipelines


In the third month we gave you Sabisu Go – Notes & Minutes which allows you to quickly capture commentary or actions using a simple table built into Sabisu Go, so it works off-line too. It’s designed to look and feel a bit like the existing ‘minutes of meeting’ documents you might currently use.Simply capture your notes then allocate them to a Workplace & Page in Sabisu later.

Honorable mention to: Grouped Tables


In the fourth month we gave you Enterprise Log In, overhauling the login process to better support Single Sign On (SSO) and on-premise Active Directory (AD) users, with SSO in particular becoming increasingly popular for seamless integration of cloud applications into the enterprise software environment. If you forget your password we have a new password reset process which is much easier and should eliminate the need to call the support team.

Honorable mention to: Clean View


In the fifth month we brought you Archiving Pipelines, Workflows and Data Uploads to allow you to clear up your workspace but giving you the option of restoring anything you perhaps archived in haste.

Honorable mention to: Waterfall Charts


In the sixth month we brought you 4 threshold KPI statuses, providing a more accurate and useful interpretation of KPIs than the traditional RAG status; it’s really clear that action is required and what that action should be.

  • Crisis: red
  • Intervention Required: light red
  • No Action Required: white (no colour)
  • Good: light green
  • Excellent: green

Honorable mention to: New Look KPI’s


Sabisu joined the AspenTech family in June, with the acquisition announced to the world in July. This was a month of change…but the teams here were working on many things for the final two quarters of the year….

Read more about the acquisition here.


The eighth month brought us Workflow – Automated Triggers answering common questions like:

  • “Can it send an email to someone when the status changes?”
  • “If X happens can the system automatically respond?”

This is where Triggers come in; initially enabled for Workflows, each Trigger can be configured as required, defining everything from who the email/notification should be sent to and what the content of that email might be.

Honorable mention to: The Support Centre


Comparing dates is often problematic for users in other platforms so we’ve made it really easy in Sabisu with new features for Comparing Dates in Pipelines which for calculating the delta between two dates. This is useful in many cases, e.g., if you want to know how many days overdue an item is.

Honorable mention to: Automated Triggers in Pipelines


In October we introduced a key new feature; a quick and easy way to replicate and deploy existing solutions. Packaged Solutions allow any existing Workplace, including all it’s related Widgets, Workflows, KPIs, Communities and Data Objects, to be cloned into standard solutions to be reused elsewhere. This means you can rapidly deploy solutions to new sites or teams. It’s virtually a single click to deploy, so it’s a very fast way of sharing emerging best practice, perhaps helping standardize disparate teams or sites.

Honorable mention to: Aspen Enterprise Insights


In the eleventh month we gave you Data Flows – a visual editor for building and editing Pipelines to make creating data connections, adding pivots and applying calculations at any point in your flow easy. This gives total control, allowing manipulation of the data so you can identify the high-value data needed to provide insights and take action.

Honorable mention to: Go, Uploads or direct – which should you choose?


The twelfth month gave us a step towards Self Service Visualizations.

Self Service is a focus for us because we want Insights to help all users quickly, easily and independently build their own solutions and one of the final hurdles is the ability to create your own visualizations in the platform.

We’ve got a lot planned for 2020 so keep your eyes open for our next Monthly Release Update in January to see what’s coming next, and if you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see us introduce into the platform please drop us an email, we love to get your feedback.

Wishing you a Happy New Year from Everyone at the Aspen Enterprise Insights Team


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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