Revision #2876 (“Polydorus”) available

We’ve made a number of database changes which should be invisible to you, the user. In fact, substantial parts of the system have been refactored so as to support our new customers – key parts of the system now scale nicely.

We’ve also added a couple of widgets we hope you’ll find useful;

  • Action tracker (search for ‘action’ in the Widget Store side bar)
  • Meeting minutes (search for ‘topic’ in the Widget Store side bar)

You’ll also notice that the old three side bars have been replaced with a single button:

which offers 4 options:

The new option here is ‘Enterprise Data’, which takes advantage of Sabisu’s unique integration capabilities to bring enterprise data from any location straight into the side-bar:

From here you can create a report on-demand in the Workplace without having to use Widget Builder (Editor) at all – current options are Speedo, Tank or Trend on-demand. You won’t be surprised to hear that this is just the start of what we plan to do with enterprise data in the side bar.

Minor changes made this week include:

  • The ‘go to tab’ feature introduced last week has been updated to allow users to use the cursor keys and enter to quickly go to their preferred tab (makes sense, as the user will be typing in the required tab name anyway).
  • Resolved an issue where widget config was intermittently duplicated.
  • Forum posts now show in the Hub with the appropriate community alongside, rather than the community which owns the widget.
  • We’ve made several public communities private so as to tidy up the Hub for new users.
  • The Asset Management demo data has been slightly reorganised to better summarise operations across a substantial, complex site.
  • When a user is a member of a community, but not a member of it’s parent community, they’ll now see the community hierarchy properly represented but with the parent community greyed out.
  • The ‘Share’ option on the side-bar is now consistent with the changes introduced last week, i.e., sharing community pages initiates the invite process.
  • Changing titles & colours on community pages now updates all instances of that page in use.
  • The built-in ‘table’ subcomponent has been reworked to have better cross-browser compatibility, in particular working around some memory issues with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Delete option for community pages now makes it clear that the page is being deleted from the user’s workspace, i.e., other instances of the page on other user’s workspaces will remain in use.

The main Sabisu web-site has also had  a couple of updates;

  • New headline on the main page (we’ll cycle through a few of these over time).
  • The ‘What is Sabisu‘ page has been changed to make room for links to key product landing pages.
  • A product page for the Sabisu Workplace has been added.
  • A product page for the Sabisu Hub has been added.



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