6 challenges your Operational Intelligence solution should address but doesn’t. Part 4

In this six part series, we explore how Operational Intelligence Centre (OIC) implementations can be complex and often fail to address the challenges they initially set out to solve. Here are our 6 top OIC challenges:

  1. Complex Business Processes
  2. Vendor Protectionism & the Platform Approach
  3. Complex IT Landscapes
  4. Messaging <> Collaboration
  5. Genuine self-service is rarely delivered
  6. Business Intelligence sits in chairs, not spreadsheets

4. Messaging <> Collaboration

New messaging systems arrive all the time; from postal mail through the telegraph, telephone, email, SMS and to today’s cross-platform instant messaging solutions such as Apple’s iMessage. These solutions allow a degree of collaboration but none meet the needs of an OIC – as described in the Complex Business Processes section above they’re slow and reactive.

Collaboration needs to be more than just a message with a signpost to some relevant data – situations are seen to develop through changing data, so when the data changes all collaborators need to experience this in real-time. To disconnect the collaborators by providing a signpost from the messaging feature back to the developing data is unacceptable.

Screen sharing doesn’t work either as it means all the collaborators ceding authority to one other. The shared screen might work for the sharer but it might not give the other collaborators the tools to contribute, e.g., even though they’re dealing with the same incident, a Shift Manager may want current production data on his screen whereas the Site Director wants to see historical production data, plus logistics and environmental data.

As shown in the diagram below, it’s crucial that each user has the user experience and tools they require in order to deal with each situation.

Same Issues, Different Tools

Most existing solutions are designed to have all users experience the same data in the same way, ignoring the fact that users are individuals with differing needs, tools and expertise.

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