6 challenges your Operational Intelligence solution should address but doesn’t. Part 5

In this six part series, we explore how Operational Intelligence Centre (OIC) implementations can be complex and often fail to address the challenges they initially set out to solve. Here are our 6 top OIC challenges:

  1. Complex Business Processes
  2. Vendor Protectionism & the Platform Approach
  3. Complex IT Landscapes
  4. Messaging <> Collaboration
  5. Genuine self-service is rarely delivered
  6. Business Intelligence sits in chairs, not spreadsheets

5. Genuine self-service is rarely delivered

With complex business processes, a wide variety of often proprietary data sources, heavy use of IT expertise in integrating systems and the complexity that arises from these factors, organisations suffer from a lack of agility. It’s hard to respond to incipient situations when you have to wait on an IT release schedule.

Some organisations provide pre-configured reports or reporting cubes built to a schedule. This works to a degree, but costs spiral as new requirements are added and often real-time data is not accommodated. Hence it’s a slow-moving BI solution rather than an OIC solution. The likelihood of tackling non-relational data or proprietary format manufacturing data is slight.

The end-user experience can be sub-optimal even if the data warehouse is reliable. Reports generated by different users don’t tie up because different fields from different systems are confused – and implementing a data dictionary is often not viable, even if you can get cross-department agreement on a single version of the ‘truth’. End users have to become proficient in what is, in effect, a development environment for building reports.

Hence, most users don’t go beyond the published reports as shown in the diagram below, meaning they don’t have the opportunity to use their expertise to add value.

Long Tail of User Data Requests

As shown in the diagram above, there are potentially an infinite number of queries that can be performed, any of which might add significant value to the business.

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