A note on using drill downs (‘sub-tabs’)

In a couple of months the drill-down method will be changed to make sub-tabs easier to use.

However, for now we thought it might be a good idea to post up some guidance on how they’re used with community pages as the workflow there can get a bit complex.

1. If you want to deploy a change to a sub-tab you need to edit the community page, open the sub-tab, edit it and leave it open while you publish the community page.

2. If you close the sub-tab and then publish it’s parent community page, you’ll remove the sub-tab configuration from the system.

3. In certain circumstances you may get the ‘edit community page’ decision dialog whilst editing a sub-tab. Ignore it.

4. You can edit a sub-tab of a community page that’s not in edit mode. Sabisu just treats this as a personal copy and dumps the changes when you close the community page.

5. When you deploy a community page, changed sub-tabs are also deployed, but users have to close and reopen the sub-tab to get the changes.

6. If you get a red error bar about not being able to delete a sub-tab, refresh the browser (it happens when a sub-tab has been edited whilst still open elsewhere).



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