Action Tracking with Action Reports

Feedback from our User Group in January highlighted the need for reporting in Sabisu Actions so users can track their actions better. We’re happy to oblige.

With  Sabisu Action Reports you get better visibility on the following:

  • What actions exist

  • Why they exist

  • Who owns them

  • When they are completed 

  • Whether they are being completed correctly

When you navigate to Actions within Sabisu you’ll notice we’ve added a new section called Reports.

We’ve created several Action reports so you can see how the Actions you’ve raised are doing, whether they’re overdue and how far overdue they are. You can also track progress, e.g., Actions opened vs Actions closed.

We also added a report to see overdue Actions by Community enabling you to quickly see who the worst offenders are so you can put mitigation in place to ensure the Actions are completed in a more timely manner.

action reports

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