Actions in Sabisu just got better. (v5211)

Actions in Sabisu help you manage your work and collaborate with your team. Our customers tell us it’s one of their favourite parts of Sabisu.

Today we’re introducing 5 entirely new features that will make Actions even better. And easier to use.


Completed Date

Completed actions now show the date the action was completed. A green background means the Action was completed before the due date, otherwise its red.

Sabisu Actions Completed Date

Reminder Emails

New email reminders help you complete your Actions on time. You’ll receive emails for the following things:

  • A reminder for Actions that are due that day.
  • When an Action is assigned to you.
  • When people mark their work as complete.
  • When people comment on your Actions.


Tagging your Actions has been made even easier. To tag your Actions, just start typing a new and either press enter or type a comma to add the tag to the Action.

Sabisu Actions Tags


Browsing your Actions is now easier than ever with the all new filters. You can now see all Actions your involved in, Actions you’ve been assigned, Actions you’ve raised and Actions that have been completed.

Sabisu Actions Filters

We’ve also added a new way to sort by Person so you can see what others are working on.

Sabisu Actions Sort By



It’s now even faster to edit your Actions. Clicking any part of an Action will take you right into the editor. And highlight the section you want to edit.


  • We’ve improved how and dates and times appear in Sabisu. They now update dynamically so you’ll know exactly when something was posted.
  • Back by popular demand is the revision number. This shows you the latest version number for Sabisu and if you click the link, you’ll be taken to the Sabisu blog where you can view the latest release notes.
  • When you load the login page, we’ve put focus on the email address so you can start typing right away. It’s the little things that help.
  • Replies to hub posts are now pushed automatically so you no longer have to reload your Stream to see replies.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been terminated with extreme prejudice:

  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Share button in the Hub. You’re now able to easily share items with your communities.
  • Dragging Widgets has been improved. You can no longer drag a widget using it’s menu when the widget menu was expanded.
  • An issue with posting links to websites from the Hub has been fixed.
  • When using a data repeater for the data method in a component, the widget author would receive an email advising something was wrong. Nothing was wrong really. We’ve stopped this email from sending.
  • On the Login page, the link taking you to your premise has now been fixed.
  • Special HTML characters are now shown correctly in Actions.
  • In a special case, we found that saving a value for a textbox which did not have a name specified, would save the value but not reload it. Now, reloading the value works.

You can get started on Sabisu right now by Signing Up. We’re excited to hear what you think!

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