R&D at the AIChE Spring Conference

Having just returned from a trip to Florida, I am full of enthusiasm for the analytics work we are doing here at Sabisu. I was attending the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) 2018 Spring Meeting & 14th Global Congress on Process Safety, this year held in Orlando. Although I am a seasoned conference attendee, the scale of global meetings such as this never fails to impress. With around 1,500 people attending the Spring Meeting, and 1,000 attending the Global Congress on Process Safety, the conference centre was a constant hive of activity.

Our work was selected for the Data and Operations session run by the Fuels and Petrochemicals Division of the AIChE. Chaired by Tim Olsen from Emerson Automation Solutions, the session had talks on data utilisation in the process industry and asset modelling and monitoring. I presented the technical details of Sabisu’s anomaly detection system, and how it was used to create a compressor monitoring tool that we developed to identify packing ring failures. It’s always good to be able to share a success story, and we received kind comments on both the technical approach and the industrial use case. We were all pleased to see a full and lively room with plenty of questions and interaction from the audience.

Presenting our work is only part of the reason we attend events like this. It’s also important to see what’s happening at the cutting edge of chemical engineering and the process industry. From the perspective of analytics R&D it was a packed conference, with a wealth of talks on the increasing use of data, process modelling, and the current challenges being faced in asset monitoring and reliability. I have returned full of ideas, encouraged by the work we have done, and with a number of new friends across the industry.

I can now look forward to the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, hope to see you there!

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