All the best Sabisu solutions listed

Understanding how customers are using Sabisu helps us refine the product to better meet their needs.

It also helps users understand where Sabisu can add value and where it fits into their world.

With end-users continually innovating and creating new solutions, we evaluate which work best through:

  1. Metrics to identify the popular solutions.
  2. Discussion directly with end-users.

This long list we then shorten by eliminating:

  • Duplication between customers, e .g., there are many flavours of risk management, or cost reporting.
  • Processes which are very specialised and of limited general interest.

This leaves ~60 processes or applications which we’ve split into 2 lists; common and specialised solutions.

List #1: Common Solutions

Our first list is those solutions very common in Sabisu, widely reproduced across or within customers, often totally independently of each other.

Here they’re split by whether they’re principally project or operationally focused:



Portfolio Summary Reporting & Analysis

Site Performance Management

Project Reporting & Analysis

Critical Asset Monitoring

JV/Stakeholder Management

Variable Cost Reporting & Analysis

Assurance Management

Worklist Management

Project Centralised Action Tracking

Reliability Modelling

Portfolio Centralised Action Tracking

Combined Risk Register

Lessons Learned

Conformance & Quality Monitoring

Decisions Register

Root Cause Analysis

HSE Incidents Tracker

Commercial/Supply-Chain Processing & Logging

Risk Management

Facilities Management

Milestone Tracker

Permit Tracking/Reporting/Control

Portfolio Funnel/Preparedness

MoC Digitalization

Project Initiation Register

Engineering Analytics

HR/Resource Gap Forecasting

Site Strategy & Plan Management

Process Safety Management

List #2: Specialist Solutions

Our second list is those solutions less common across the platform, but with potential for wider application:



Project Governance

Furnace Decoke Scheduling

MoC Register

Pipeline Maintenance Process & Reporting

Cost Estimation Process

Alarm Management & Analytics

Interface Management

Shipping / Jetty Management

Materials Management

Competency Management

Engineering / Procurement Tracker

HSE Improvements Tracking

QA Registers (NCR)

Turnaround Management

Estimate Register

Cross-site Utility Optimisation

HSE Ideas Capture & Compliance

Site Induction Management

Authorisation for Expenditure

Operational Initiative Tracker

Improvement Management

Leak Detection & Remediation

Plant Mobile

Reliability Improvement Management

EU-ETS / CCL Management

Silo Management


Wrap up

As you’ll appreciate from those lists Sabisu is a flexible, powerful platform.

Many are drawn to the visualisation capabilities but these lists show just how performance management requires more than BI.

It’s interesting how many legacy solutions are being moved into Sabisu as a structured alternative, e.g., replacing MS Excel registers, old Lotus Notes systems.

Focusing on the energy sector has allowed us to make Sabisu so easy to configure that end-users can take control; customers use SharePoint as a counterpoint, where equivalent capability needs a 6-figure development budget.



We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.


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