Analytics for everyone all the time with our new in-line working view

We are pleased to introduce Mini Widget Working View (MWWV).

The Widget Working View (WWV) has been really popular with end-users as it allows them to zoom into a widget and analyse, configure and collaborate on data in a single, easy to use interface.

How could we make it better?

Sabisu now allows any user to put that analysis, configuration and collaboration alongside every widget on a page – no matter how many widgets or parameters there are.

There’s no need to zoom into the widget; you can view several widgets, with Notes appearing alongside in real time and inline analytics appearing on the charts.

You can also now change the x and y axis on your charts within WWV. For example you could view a years worth of data or switch the axis to drill down to a monthly view.

Whatever your analytics or configuration preference it will now persist when published to a Community so you can share your view with others.



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