Approving Excel Publications

The Sabisu Publisher makes it really easy to share up to date Excel reports with your team.

If anything, it’s too easy to use; with a couple of clicks you can share your data far and wide – one version of the truth for everyone.

Since we launched the Sabisu Publisher earlier in the year, we’ve had lots of amazing feedback from our customers.

Our customers wanted a way to ensure that senior management weren’t surprised by such a direct connection to the data. As James A. Garfield said: The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

So, we’ve introduced an Approvals mechanism for Sabisu Publisher.

And it’s really simple. (Exactly as you’d expect from us.)

When you publish something from Excel it shows in the Publication Approvals widget for the Community responsible for approving it. Someone in that Community approves it for all/some/one of its target Communities and there you go, the target Communities have access only to the approved versions.

You can upload as many updates as you want; the target Community pages will only update when you approve it to do so. You can also approve it for some Communities and not others, e.g., if your figures are ready for Programme Management, but not the Executive team.

Of course, existing publications will carry on just as they are; no change needed. They’ll automatically update live, just as they always have.

There’s a one-time set up, but it’s easy (and we’re here to help you if you wish) :

  1. Publish your Excel spreadsheet exactly as you do now to the Community you want to approve them.
  2. Add the Widget to the ‘target’ Community page, i.e., the place where you want the approved version to show.
    (This should be a different Community than the one that’s going to approve it.)

Everyone in the ‘approving’ Community will see the items to be approved when they click this icon on the side-bar:

Sabisu Publication Approvals side bar icon

This opens a side bar which lists all of your Communities for which Publications exist.

Click on a Community and you’ll see each Publication and a thumbnail image of it, so it’s really easy to see exactly what you need to look at, just like this:

When you click on a Publication, it opens in a larger dialog so you can easily see the detail:

Along the footer of this window are some controls so you can check different versions of the Publication for consistency and you can see which Communities have which version approved.

To approve a Publication for a Community, simply click the ‘Approved’ button bottom-right and choose the Community you wish to approve it for.

We’re very pleased with this simple, effective way to do something that other solutions make very complicated and convoluted; it’s lean.

 As always, feedback is most welcome!

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