Finding your new publications in the V-Bar just got easier (r6221)

Following on from last week’s update on Notifications for new and updated publications in the V-Bar we’ve made it even easier to manage the data you publish from your spreadsheets.

Finding your new publications in the V-Bar

It’s now easier to find your new and updated content in the publications V-Bar. When you publish something new, the Application containing your new content is now highlighted with a star.


The publication itself will also display a ‘new’ badge making it easier to spot in the list.


Once you’ve viewed a new Widget, the V-Bar will automatically acknowledge this so that next time you open the V-Bar, that Widget will no longer be highlighted as new.

We’ve also added an ‘invisible’ badge to Widgets that are visible to you but not to others. 



Join the new Sabisu User Group on LinkedIn

Just a quick mention for our Sabisu User Group on LinkedIn; join discussions with other Sabisu users, post questions to the experts and access the latest training materials.

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Bug fixes & Minor enhancements

  • New Performance Indicator component has been added to the Builder, this allows you to quickly add a KPI style visualisation to a Widget which provides a title and a Red/Amber/Green (RAG) status depending on the options set in the Builder. The RAG indicator and the title are fully customisable.
  • We’ve implemented a ‘silent login’ method for applications so that users using those applications can authenticate with Sabisu without announcing it. For example, you shouldn’t receive a notification of someone coming online on the platform when they login through the Sabisu Publisher any more.
  • My Shortcuts now correctly shows a loading status when retrieving user shortcuts.
  • The V-Bar now appears behind the Publication Approvals dialog correctly when it’s open.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where pressing the Enter Key to confirm was not working. Pressing Enter on dialogs without multiple inputs and textboxes inside widgets should now work.
 General – Development & Builder
  • When a Widget containing a chart has the ShowValue property set to “Yes” in the Builder the chart component would previously display a 0 value as a label. This caused complications on some charts where the 0 label would be repeated for multiple series and caused a strange looking symbol. The chart component was updated to only display a value label if the value is greater than or less than 0.
  • When using a trend chart component with tags, removing a tag would cause the Widget to raise an error and only removing it from the page and adding it back again would remove the widget error. The WidgetStoreData web method has been updated to cache the result of removing a tag correctly, it was this caching of the Widget data which was causing the problem.
  • When a Widget containing a chart has the ShowValue property set to “Yes” in the Builder and the chart is designed to display multiple series, the chart component would only display the value label on the first series if a legend was not used. The routine to create the chart has been modified to set the Show Value Label property against each series individually to cure this problem.
  • The Actions API now links users to their profiles and passes this down to the calling application which means the application doesn’t need to link directly.

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