Aspentech Excel Add-ins and the Sabisu Excel Publishing Tool

If you have an IP21 historian on-site, the chances are you’re using the Aspentech Excel plug-in to pull data from IP21 into some Excel reports….and then it’s logical to publish those reports in Sabisu using our Excel Publishing tool.

In practice there could be issues executing the IP21 queries due to the two different flavours of plug-in Aspentech have provided – there’s a 2003 version and a 2007 version, and when Sabisu tries to execute the IP21 query on the server there can be problems with the Aspentech plug-in. This is due to limitations of Excel and it being unable to distinguish the difference between two different versions of an add-in programmatically with the same name. Both add-ins won’t work together.

Easy Does It: Just use the Sabisu Publisher’s data access calls

The easiest way forward is to remove the need for Aspentech’s plug-in altogether. The Sabisu Excel Publisher allows you to use Sabisu to connect directly to IP21 without using Aspentech’s plug-in – all you need to do is change your Excel spreadsheets formulae.

Here’s a list of data access methods using the Sabisu Client.

We’ll be adding to these constantly as we improve the plug-in Client.

Syncing Feeling: Using Aspentech’s plug-ins

If there’s good reason to keep using Aspentech’s plug-ins, that’s fine too.

Firstly, the current standard Sabisu On-Premise server configuration is with MS Office 2010 installed and the Aspen Tech 2007 add-in enabled. This means that if you have the need to get data using the Aspen Tech add-in then you must use the Aspen Tech 2007 version locally in order for it to be published through Sabisu.

This menas that users with the Aspentech 2003 plug-in would have to disable it and install/enable the Aspen Tech 2007 add-in. This will mean converting queries, if any, when you come to publish items from Excel to Sabisu. Users with Office 2003 installed would not be able to use the Aspen Tech 2007 add-in and therefore would not be able to publish data from Excel to Sabisu.

If you can’t use the Sabisu plug-in for data access and have users with Excel 2003, all is not lost. As long as the versions of Excel and Aspentech plug-in are synchronised throughout the estate everything will work, so it is possible to use the Aspentech 2003 plug-in locally and implement it on the Sabisu On-Premise together with Office 2003. However, clearly this is an older version and so the worst case.


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