Assign Communities as Widget authors in the Builder (r7143)

Earlier this week we announced that our new product, Shika, was available in BETA. Shika is a lightweight OPC historian and data persistence layer. Check out Shika’s performance against Microsoft SQL server.

Next up we’ve got a great enhancement for Widget authors (i.e. people who can edit Widgets in the Builder).

Sabisu Widget authors in the Builder

You’re now able to assign Communities as Widget authors. This will enable you to quickly grant or revoke Widget author access to groups of people.

Also if there are Communities with a high turnover of people, e.g. Development Teams, then as long as the Community is kept up to date, all the Widget authors will follow suit.

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed an issue with Combined Charts. They no longer take case into account when entering types.

Example: “Line” and “line” are read the same.

Want to see to see any of the new features in action?

Get in touch and we’ll share a demo with you.


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