Automated Triggers

“Can it send an email to someone when the status changes?”

This is a question we’re often asked by our Flow users, i.e., if a particular circumstance arises, can the system automatically respond?

Well, now it can; the latest update to Workflows includes “Automated Triggers”.

They function exactly as titled, allowing users to specify certain actions based on triggers such as:

  • When a new form is created send an email/notification
  • When a section is completed send an email/notification
  • When a field changes to “a value” send an email/notification

Each trigger can be configured as required, defining everything from who the email/notification should be sent to and what the content of that email might be.

There’s also an option to send the email/notification either to a Sabisu User/Community, or to a specifically named form field on the form, e.g the Owner or Approver, e.g., it’s easy to configure a trigger that sends an email to an Approver when the Status field changes to ready for approval.

Look out for more triggers coming soon as we expand their capabilities to Pipelines as well.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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