Behavioural Change with Sabisu

How do you manage change?

As a platform for digitalization Sabisu is necessarily all about continuous improvement; applying digital technology to structure, shape and influence your business. Yet nothing improves without behavioural change; without people making the change happen.

Technology never stops advancing, asking us to review and change our behaviour. It can be exciting but challenging too. The challenge is in the behavioural change.

We’re right with you; we’ve been experiencing these changes as our platform evolves alongside our business – our culture, values, focus and structure. We’ve seen our management team grow into better coaches and mentors. It’s been both good and challenging as we’ve built an organisation that can scale. 

Fast forward 6 months and here we are – a few bruises and headaches but moving forward and seeing some shining lights in our people and organisation. We know its a continuous process and we’re slowly implementing the tools and people we need around us to help us achieve our company vision.

We’ve learned that some people love change, some people hate it and some people are indifferent, just like this video which made us chuckle:

It can help to recognise who you are and where you fit into this process.

What we’ve learned is that behavioural change underpins all meaningful change.

We recognised the behaviours around change applied to us…and to you too. They apply to everyone. In fact, we realised that’s exactly what the Sabisu platform was designed to do.

This learning is important to us and anyone trying to improve their delivery capability.

Did you know that the top 3 hurdles faced by companies trying to introduce change are:

  1. Change Fatigue
    Trying to implement too much too soon, putting pressure on you and your teams to make too many transitions at once.
  2. Forcing the Change
    When a management team dictates change without properly understanding the environment and planning it, it never sticks.
  3. False Positives
    Mistaking communication for engagement, it’s easy to think everyone is on board when in fact they’re trying to understand.

In fact, change takes a whole lot more effort and preparation. For instance, the ADKAR model is a pretty well known change management process and it’s a good summary of the various steps:

ADKAR has it’s critics, but it’s allowed us to embed behavioural change into how we deliver a Sabisu solution. The earliest stages where Awareness develops into Desire fits our Discovery process, while the later stages fit our Delivery process.

As a software platform, Sabisu introduces change into an organisation. Current ways of working are explored and challenged and when a key user realises the impact, sees the future and ‘gets’ it, they are our first followers. We love those kind of people – they’re early adopters who get the ball rolling.

We understand they need help – they need first followers themselves. That’s where we look at choosing the appropriate specific activities for the wider customer community as shown below.

This obviously has use anywhere you’re leading change, whether with Sabisu or in some other project.

When you embark on your change journey with us these activities will help us engage with you and your wider user communities. Ultimately the success of the implementation is dictated by how involved your teams are, whether they are genuinely part of the journey and whether they help co-create your solution.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.


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