Build your own KPI Reporting

Sabisu is a self-service platform to allow you, the user, to define the applications and Widgets you need.

The latest offering is KPI Reporting. Every organisation has KPIs to demonstrate objectives achieved or areas for improvement. Sabisu supports both high-level KPIs focusing on overall enterprise performance and lower level KPIs focusing on department processes.

The KPI structure is up to you; it’s common to reflect accountability structures, physical plant layouts or project organisation. Each area can have it’s own independent metrics, secured for viewing by appropriate user Communities.

The frequency and data source for your KPIs is also up to you:

  • manual entry,
  • MS Excel upload using Sabisu Go or a simple file drop
  • acquired from another Sabisu application such as Flow or Actions
  • acquired from enterprise systems such as SAP or Primavera P6
  • aggregated from process historians like IP21

You’ll find KPIs in the applications menu in the top left corner of Sabisu. This will show you the KPI’s for your Communities and will allow you to create your own KPI’s.

Once you’ve set up your KPI you’ll then be able to start inputting data.

KPIs roll up to give you a top level view of how you’re performing with the ability to drill down and really get into the data to find any non-compliances.



We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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