Capture Form Builder

We’ve made extensive updates to how the Capture Form Builder works making it truly self service so users can create their own forms for recording data.

Forms are easily configurable allowing the user to specify data to be captured with how and when it should be recorded.  You can find Capture embedded in Sabisu Actions and Processes. Developers are able to create hybrid solutions by using the Sabisu Capture API to bring Capture into their applications.

Capture allows you to add the following new fields and components:

  • Actions
    Users can embed Sabisu Actions within the Form, e.g mitigation or interim actions.
  • File Upload
    Allows users to upload supporting evidence or documents to the Capture Form.
  • Conditional Visibility
    Each field on the Form can have rules applied to it which defines when it is displayed. This could be used to show certain fields based on the information collected in another field, e.g if  “Yes” is selected in field A show field B.
  • Sections
    Divides a Form into manageable chunks. This can make it easier to transition an existing business process which captures data into Sabisu Capture. Conditional Visibility also applies to Sections so you can decide when a part of the form should be shown to the user.

A new section called Form Settings is now available which allows the user to set up and define additional properties for the form. The available properties are:

  • ID prefix
    Each Form generates it’s own sequential ID. If a prefix is defined this will be prepended to the sequential ID. This means you can give a more meaningful reference to your Forms. The ID prefix and sequential number are defined as the Form reference.
  • Show Reference
    Defines if the reference should be displayed on the Form. If checked, the reference for the Form will be displayed at the top of the Form.
  • Render Sections
    We understand if you have a Form with a single Section in it you may not want the section styling to be displayed, preferring instead to show the fields contained within the section. If checked, the Section styling will be rendered as it is displayed in the Form builder.

Building a Capture Form


Where can Capture be used?:


  • Record plant readings such as furnace pressures and temperatures
  • Plant Conditional Observations
  • Shift Logs
  • Incident Logs


  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Management of Change
  • Audits
  • New Starters


  • Issue/ Risk Capture and Escalation
  • KPI Data Collation
  • HSE Incidents
  • Initiative Management

If you’d like some more information on how you can use Capture or you’d like some training please drop us an email.

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