Chart & Actions Improvements

This week’s update has some UX improvements and prepares the platform for some forthcoming revisions.

Chart Updates

We’ve introduced some new fields in all chart components this week which allow you to set a min/max value in the horizontal and vertical axis. It can be used in the following components.

  • Bar
  • Bubble
  • Candlestick
  • Column
  • Combo
  • Line
  • Scatter

This can be particularly useful when aligning charts on a page, we’re using it ourselves for our¬†Anomaly Detection pages in the platform.


Actions Notifications

We’ve made an adjustment to how you receive notifications for Actions in the platform to keep the noise down in larger communities of users. Going forward, you will receive a Notification for an Action when:

  • You are the owner of an Action, you have created it.
  • You have been assigned an Action.

You will no longer receive an Action Notification when you are part of the Community an Action is visible to. You will of course still be able to go and view any Actions which are visible in your Community.

Bug Fixes

  • Added some performance updates for the Publication Approval process ahead of some new features we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.
  • Corrected a problem when opening a Workplace which no Pages.
  • Fixed a problem in the Widget Store when a widget would appear as invisible when it shouldn’t be.

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