Community & User set up made easy

At the January User Group our customers requested the ability to better manage their Sabisu users – particularly the adding/removing of users from Communities.

As today our User Group is meeting again, it’s a great time to release the following functionality which will really help all our users.

When removing users, Community Administrators are now provided with the option of removing them from all Communities. Users will only be removed from Communities the current user is an Administrator of. This provides a quick way to remove a user from a number of Communities in a single click.

We’ve overhauled the Community invite process to make it easier to use whether adding single or multiple users. Community Administrators can even invite multiple users to multiple Communities, making Community set up really easy.

When you invite a user, the dialog gives two options: choose a community, or choose a user to copy.

Choosing a Community leads you through a simple dialog where can choose multiple Communities and users.

Copying a user is similar, but you’ll choose the user you want to copy first.

Whether you choose to copy another user’s access across many new users, or simply add the new users to many Communities, the new users will immediately be added where you’re an administrator of the selected Communities.

If you’ve added them to other Communities, the request will go to the appropriate Administrators for approval.

Our Sabisu  User Groups give both us and the customers chance to meet up and share ideas. It also gives our customers the opportunity to influence platform development. If you’d like to get involved then join us for our next User Group on 9th August at The Wilton Centre, Teesside, UK.

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