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Here at Sabisu we believe the best way to get the most out of your data is to share it; that’s the problem with tying it up in endless spreadsheets requiring a diploma in Advanced MS Excel to understand.

As part of our Sabisu Workplace work we’ve now added in a Community Workplace function to enable you to share a collection of pages within a Workplace.

Community Workplaces function just like Community Pages; everyone shares a view.

A Community Workplace is a set of pages in a specific order given to a Community. When a new user is added, they receive the Workplace configured with the right Pages.

The Workplace can be shared by Community administrators. It can then be updated to send out newly added or revised Pages. Community Workplaces makes life easy for everyone, sharing the navigation to the data as well as the data itself – no searching through pages required.

It’s also a great fit for the Sabisu Solutions Store; once you’ve set up your solution you can use Community Workplaces to share it with other users as they come on board.


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