Competitors & integration: How Sabisu fits your project systems

Capital projects often have a combination of carefully specified tools which suit particular challenges and strategic solutions mandated by a higher authority (e.g., SAP).

So where does Sabisu fit in? Do some/all of my existing solutions do the Sabisu job?

Below we take a brief look at workflow and analytics, then there are some comparison tables.


Other platforms/tools/applications deal with specific workflows, e.g., risk management, change management, assurance reviews.

If you don’t have all your project processes digitised, you need Sabisu.

Digitalisation of any project process is Sabisu core capability.

Of course, some processes are not so well defined, so core capabilities include:

  • Centralising any and all Actions/Tasks across the project into a single place
  • Narrative capture & escalation for performance reviews

Analytics (inc Reporting)

Many applications are designed for a specific project function with analytics and reporting designed for those functions, e.g., Primavera is a great enterprise scheduling tool.

Sabisu integrates each specific project function into a seamless flow – their data, teams & processes. It’s a platform for integrating the whole project.

Analytics and reporting in Sabisu is therefore designed for project managers & executives:

  • highlighting and prioritising the most critical decisions
  • combining many data sources to provide early warning
  • identifying hidden trends in weak signals

Sabisu is also effective at the leadership team level; it’s about presentation & collaboration – not just numbers.

Fitting it in

Sabisu is a platform for building a solution which reflects the needs of the project. Customisation is really important. It’s not ‘one size fits all’.

A big part of that solution will involve supporting and working with other applications, some of which may overlap. Sabisu is all about co-existence and integration.

It’s also largely self-service, so you don’t need an IT support team to make it work for you.

Comparison tables

Looking at how Sabisu is used within existing customers it’s clear that Sabisu is different to those project function oriented applications:

Sabisu’s ground up design for the full project lifecycle is evident when looking at platform capabilities:

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