Convert & merge MS Excel uploads with Sabisu Pipelines

Sabisu Go makes it very easy to extract data from MS Excel.

Sabisu Pipelines make it easy for users to display chart and templated Widgets, to start Processes or alert users to Events.

The Sabisu team felt these needed joining together, so users could easily leverage MS Excel data anywhere in Sabisu.

The first step has been to introduce a new option in the Widget menu to convert that data into a Pipeline. Simply click the create pipeline button in the widget menu to get started:

With the Pipeline generated you are able to connect spreadsheets so that data is combined from multiple spreadsheets into one Widget, analytic, etc. All you need to do is add another publication the Pipeline Data lane and then select a template to use in the Do lane. We’d recommend using the table template as a good start.

This has applications anywhere you have data in multiple spreadsheets.

For example, you may have several plants each with their own risk management spreadsheet. You can easily merge these to see what your site wide risk level is with a Pipeline.



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