Copy Widgets, Share Actions & Search for Sub-Tabs r7917

This week we’ve got a collection of great enhancements for you including the all-new copy Widget feature and links for sharing Actions. Got some feedback? Head over to the Sabisu Users Group on LinkedIn and let us know what you think.

Copy Widgets

To make it easier to build Pages, we’ve added the all-new Copy Widget feature. On any Page, simply open the Widget Menu and select ‘Copy Widget’.


In the window that opens, select the Page or Sub-Tab you want to copy your Widget to and hit ‘Copy Widget’, or ‘Copy Widget and go’ to be taken straight to your new Widget.


Share Action Links

People love creating and sharing Actions in Sabisu and we’ve made it even easier. You can now create a link to an Action and share it with people in the Hub or via email giving them really quick access to view and make comments. Simply click the ‘Action Link’ button in any Action and copy the link ready for sharing.



Quick Search for Sub-Tabs

We’ve improved the Quick Search to include your Sub-Tabs, making it even faster to navigate between your Pages and Sub-Tabs.


Easier Publication Navigation

We’ve made it even easier to navigate to the detailed view of your Publications. You can now drill down by clicking the image as well as the text link for any Publication.



  • We fixed an issue that caused your profile picture not to display properly in Firefox.
  • If you have no posts in the Hub, Sabisu will no longer repeatedly try to retrieve posts. This will reduce network traffic and make things faster for you.
  • We fixed a bug with the horizontal progress bar that caused it to default to a small width when no specific value was entered.

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