Create Actions from the V-Bar. (r5844)

This release includes a mix of improvements to Sabisu and the Sabisu Publisher including   creating Actions from the V-Bar.


Our customers tell us that Actions are one of their favourite parts of Sabisu. It’s now really easy to create Actions from anywhere in the platform using the New Action option inside the Create menu, on the V-Bar.



We’ve added the ability to create a new Community when creating a new Community page.



A new Menu item has been added to Publication widgets called “Publication History”. This will display the last time a Publication was published and who published it.


Platform Enhancements & Fixes

  • A completed action will now only show in the actions results list if the Completed Actions filter is selected.
  • Fixed a issue causing the Action descriptions not to display carriage returns correctly, particularly in ‘read’ mode.
  • Filtering options in Actions now display correctly in Internet Explorer 8.
  • The new DataJoin component won’t log errors in the premise servers event log about objects trying to be disposed when they are disposed.
  • DataJoin component has been updated to fix a problem when trying to access data using IPCS (Inter-Premise Communication System). DataJoin components should now ask the user to log into the target premise.
  • We have improved the loading of user data associated with widgets to be more efficient.

Publisher Enhancements & Fixes

We’re also continuing to make the Sabisu Publisher easier to use. Below are a number of improvements.

  • Opening Sabisu from the Sabisu Publisher context menu no longer causes an error.
  • Added support for multiple timezones; all dates and times are now relative to the users current time zone.
  • Fixed an issue where some publications intermittently failed when publishing to Sabisu.
  • Pressing refresh on both community drop down lists now correctly refreshes your communities.
  • Fixed an issue where a second Sabisu ‘S’ icon appeared in the system tray when publishing a publication.
  • Fixed an issue when an error would display for a small number of users when Sabisu Publisher for Excel was opened.
  • Your current Sabisu Publisher version is now stored correctly which means users will only download a newer version of Sabisu Publisher.

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