Creating a Risk Management tool in less than 5 minutes

Sabisu focuses on providing a self service platform for users, providing flexibility through easily configurable applications. Sabisu Flow is the built in workflow tool that can be created and configured by anyone for any purpose. A perfect example of where Sabisu Flow can really make a difference is Risk Management.

How do you currently manage your Risks?

  • Perhaps Excel spreadsheets sent round in email chains?
  • A complex risk management solution that’s hard to report on, takes months to implement and is often ignored?
  • A whiteboard in an office where key stakeholders rarely venture?
  • Perhaps each project does it differently?

A Sabisu Flow app can take just a few minutes to create and it’s entirely up to you how it looks and what information you capture. This means it’s always the perfect fit for your processes and challenges.

We decided to challenge ourselves to see how quickly we could create a Risk Management tool using Sabisu Flow. We managed it in 4 minutes 45 seconds – including importing data from MS Excel.

Here we go:

An MS Excel setup/import option makes it easy to import data from elsewhere to get started, or to bring in new projects.

What are the benefits of using Sabisu Flow for Risk Management?

  • Improved visibility
  • Create Sabisu Actions to track evaluation/analysis and countermeasure tasks
  • Easily create your own reports to track risks
  • Create approval workflows for any complex risks

Here’s some tips to help quickly create your own Workflow Process in Sabisu Flow:

  • Know what fields you need in order to capture the data
  • Have an idea of the layout before you get started
  • If you’re importing data from MS Excel, make sure the fields you need in Flow match up to the fields in your MS Excel sheet
  • Make sure the sheet you want to upload is at the start of your MS Excel tab list


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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