Quantitative curve comparison made easy with Sabisu Analytics

This week we’ve implemented a new time-series comparison into Widget Working View, further strengthening Sabisu’s analytics capabilities. For many customers, it’s the first choice for analysing process data and for all our customers it’s the first choice for sharing that analysis.

Often customers will have multiple time-series they wish to compare; production rates, energy usage, quality, project spend and so on.

Curve Alignment checks the alignment of two time series – even if one is shifted in time and magnitude.

One curve is transformed to fit the other as best as possible, with the Shifts and Scales used in this transformation describing how close the two curves are. In Sabisu the second curve is transformed to fit the first.

For example, if you produced 100 tonnes of product last May but this May you only produced 50 tonnes, Curve Alignment could show why, e.g.:

  • Full production started later (i.e., shifting this year’s production curve to match the other shows a delay in production ramping up), or
  • Production rates were half that of last year (i.e., a curve has been stretched and sized to fit).


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