Customer care is everything

As a software product company our focus is actually not on software; it’s on users.

Users have the requirements. Users experience the implementation…but every day. All day. All week. All year.

When you have that perspective, with that implementation comes responsibility.

When the software is implemented we don’t just leave our users to it; we believe in partnership for the long-term. Customers have invested in our software and support. We take that seriously.

We develop good working relationships with all our users. This means we’re on the ground meeting with the people at the sharp end, e.g., ensuring apps are usable on a mobile device on plant when wearing thick PPE gloves, or in the office with the CEO helping them get the best out of the platform.

Following deployment we have regular bi-weekly meetings with our customers to ensure the solution is delivering as expected, discussing any improvements and bringing users up to speed with new platform capabilities.

We identify ‘super users’ during implementation. These users get invited to our quarterly user groups where we present new and upcoming features, inviting user feedback and gathering improvement suggestions.

As much as you design for a use-case, it’s guaranteed that users will find a new way to use platform capabilities. It’s the great, exciting thing about building a platform. By involving users in the platform development we make sure we’re developing solutions for real people with real problems. Effectively we’re ‘smoke testing’ the solutions before we build them.

A happy by-product of the Sabisu Aftercare program is the relationships we’ve developed with our customers. It’s a genuine partnership.

All the lessons worth learning come from our customers.

There’s more to learn along the way.


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