Holding and approving data for different User Communities

Data Approvals is now available to all users, allowing you to control when data is released to Communities of users, e.g., JV partners, leadership teams.

Any number of data versions can be maintained simultaneously. A typical use would be holding new data for review while maintaining current data for leadership team dashboards, alongside approved summary data for partner organisations.

By approving the data which drives the reports rather than the reports themselves, all dashboards which depend on the data are updated simultaneously, as are all drill-downs and analytics.

Simple configuration of the approval workflow brings version control into operation. Anyone with appropriate access can set it up. Just approve the data for the appropriate Communities and their dashboards will be updated.

Sabisu understands every approval process is different so we’ve made it easy to configure your multiple step processes. The Data Approvals feature appears in the options for each Workplace and is only available to Community Administrators.


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