Data Uploads – Spot trends with historical data

Insights has always stored historical versions of Data Uploads but they’ve never been exposed to users in the Pipelines until now. This improved accessibility to the historical versions of Data Uploads will allow you to produce more informative reports and easily spot trends in your data, particularly where key values have evolved over time as new versions of the data have been uploaded.

A good example would be analyzing project trends to compare past results as a basis for forecasting future outcomes. Another would be analyzing process data which may have been collected for many years, perhaps to compare production loss trends to forecast future losses.

In Pipelines when you choose Data Uploads as your data source you’ll be able to select the following options:

  • Current Version
  • Previous Version
  • All Versions
  • Specific Version

When you select all versions two extra columns get added – “Version Created” Date and “Version Archived” Date, which can be used to build your report. In the example below we have built a chart based on the version created date so we can compare the status of risk between different months, e.g., how many were open and how many were closed each month.

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