Flow changes: Moving records, the ‘shopping basket’ and table changes

We’ve released a few changes to Sabisu Flow this week which will improve your overall Workflow Experience:

  • Moving Flow records
  • Lookup slide-out (the ‘shopping basket’)
  • Flow table scaling

Moving Flow records

We’ve made moving a Flow record between locations much simpler; you can now just click and drag it into the desired location rather than having to go into each record. Look for the ‘handle’ on the left hand side of the record when you mouse over it.

Lookup slide-out

Looking up to other Flow applications is becoming very popular as users start to connect their various business processes together.

We’ve converted the Flow lookup from a search and drop down list to a slide out window similar to that used to add/create a Sabisu Action in Flow. This improves the visibility of items when searching and allows multiple items to be added in one go – like a ‘shopping basket’.

Flow table scaling

The table component in Sabisu Flow has been improved so that you can now edit a column individually and change the width and alignment. There’s no padding between the cells – a much better use of screen real estate making it much more useful with lots of complex data.



We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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