Drive usage & target improvement with Community Reporting

At the Sabisu User Group in January customers highlighted Community Reporting as eing extremely beneficial, helping them manage their teams and improving productivity. Clearly this was something we could implement that all Sabisu platform users would find valuable.

You can access the Community Reports in a couple of ways:

  • From a Community Page, select the page menu, then ‘Manage this page’, ‘Community Reports’
  • Find the Community in your list of Communities and navigate to the ‘Community Reports’ tab

Currently 5 reports are available by default – if there are any others you may find useful please let us know:

Platform Usage – This shows the total number of community members and the number of unique user log in’s (how many people logged in on this day)

Most Popular Pages- Shows the top 5 most visited

Least Popular Pages – Shows the top 5 least visited

Most Frequent Users- Shows the top 5 most frequent

Least Frequent – Shows the top 5 least frequent

You can also select a date period in which you wish to view the data, so you can track activity over the week, month or year.

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