Dumping batch meetings for something more continuous – update

As discussed in this post we’ve moved towards more continuous progress updates, supported by a couple of meetings that bring everyone together.

Ben (Comms Director) and I particularly value the Friday Show & Tell as it’s our opportunity to see what’s new and what’s in progress within the development team. It also helps keep development focused on the customer’s needs as we feed back into the work as it develops over the course of a few weeks.

The development team are finding the Monday Scrum really useful as it means they get the week off the right way; focused on the right things. It’s a bit strange if you’re in charge – you feel you need to demonstrate equivalent focus, so it drives the right behaviour all round really.

We’ve invested in some USB conference microphones and they’ve made a big difference – much easier to have a constructive conversation than it was through the laptop mic & speakers.

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