Dumping team reports for something more continuous

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve changed the way we communicate within the team a bit. We had done short, informal updates every Tuesday, initially by email and then using the ‘minutes’ or ‘topic’ widget (screenshot). A couple of years ago this felt absolutely right but these days we feel it’s a bit of a batch approach in what is now a continuous world; our approach has matured a bit.

This focus on the continuous update was the reason we built the Hub – it really is the ideal place to capture the social stuff, such as “what we’re loving”, sharing interesting links or kicking off conversations.

Sabisu Hub

Therefore we agreed we’d dump the short updates and move to the Hub, but we felt that there needed to be some supporting processes too.

So Mondays we now have a short (30min) scrum with everyone, usually over Skype/Webex/Sabisu. This gets everyone on track for the week.

Fridays we have a longer ‘Show & Tell’ where everyone in the development team demonstrates what they’ve been working on and gets some supportive feedback. This was inspired by the Show & Tell you see kids do in school sometimes and it really works for the same reasons – it makes everyone think about how best to communicate and builds confidence.

Here are some shots of what it looks like at the Manchester office.

Sabisu Show & Tell - reviewing Sabisu Excel plug-in work 

Sabisu Show & Tell - wide angle shot of Tim Sharpe & Ben Widdowson reviewing Builder

We’ll let you know how we get on. So far it’s been great – it’s helped us all stay in touch with each other’s progress. We even invite customers and partners to our Show & Tell so they can see new features as they take shape.


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