Dynamically update your widgets

New updates to the Sabisu Pipeline mean you’re now able to query Widget data from a Pipeline Data component. This means that you can now have a Pipeline that can be dynamically updated via another Widget on a Page, e.g., from a user-selected list.

Why is this useful?

This makes Pipeline generated Widgets as flexible as any traditionally built Widget. It means end-users with no programming knowledge can link Widgets together.

You could use this to, say, compare data over a period of time and in different instances so you can analyse the data to spot anomalies and patterns.

query a widget with pipeline

How do I do it?

To get set up you could get in touch and we’ll provide you a list Widget ready to go, so all you need to do is set up the pipeline:

create a query with pipeline

Or you could build your own Widget in the Sabisu Builder, then set up your acquisition within the Sabisu Pipeline to use it:

using builder

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