Easier Widget resizing and improved Notification messages

This week we’re excited to share with you two new features that make Sabisu even easier to use.

Widget Resizing

The first thing we’ve improved is how Widgets refresh when you resize them. Now, as you drag to change the size of a Widget, the contents will auto-refresh to fit the container. This saves you manually having to refresh.



You’ll find the ‘Refresh on Resize’ option available inside the Widget Properties section of the Builder

Notification Messages

The second improvement we’ve made is to Notification messages. We’ve added the full path for new Community requests. This makes it easier to see where a new Community fits into the Community structure.

Sabisu-Workplace-Notification-Approvals This will also appear in your Admin Notifications in the Hub.



  • Web Service Call component, previously if the author of a Widget inserted some javascript into the Success/Error/Complete fields in the Builder the component would throw an error. If the user wrapped the JavaScript with “function(){}” the component would work as expected. The component will now wrap the javascript in a function call for you if one is not provided.
  • If you open the Builder whilst having at least one chat window minimised, the chat window would prevent you from being able to get to the save and delete buttons for the Widget. The Builder has now been updated to take into account open chat windows and place them above the action buttons for the widget.
  • The copy/paste a subcomponent functionality has been restored. Previously only the copy button was available since the last upgrade. The paste buttons are located in the widget menu for a component and you have the options for Paste Above this component and Paste Below this component.
  • The image component has been improved. If you provide a Widget with a blank URL field the Widget will no longer throw an error and become unusable.
  • Refreshing Widgets will now take changed Refresh Frequencies into account.
  • SESSION_INVALID no longer kills the platform.
  • Intermittently a Widget would fail to refresh itself fully e.g. if you change the value of a field through Inter-Widget Communication the Widget would indicate a refresh but no changes would be made to the user-interface. This was caused by an invalid check of the Widget’s contents which has since been removed. Refreshing a Widget should now always update its content.
  • Dev badges now show again in the Widget Store.
  • Publication Widgets now correctly show a new/updated badge when their data has been updated.
  • Widget error information has been improved to provide better feedback for the Widget author.

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