Easy comparison of historical & current data

This week we’re excited to announce the arrival of a new feature which enables you to easily compare historical data with current data.

You can use the data rollback and comparison for both project and operational data. For example, it’s easy to add forecast data from last month to a chart showing current month data allowing immediate visual comparison. To look at the actual data in a tabular format simply click the ‘Compare graph data in a table’ checkbox. 

You can select as many series as you’d like to compare and if you want to select a different time period just revert the changes and start again.

Step 1: Select the roll back date

Rollback and Data Comparisoin

Step 2: Select which series to compare

Rollback and Data Comparisoin 2

Step 3: Analyse, compare or revert

Rollback and Data Comparisoin 4

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