Event Interrogation & Batch Analysis

Sabisu Events are a great way to mark sections of data that are of interest, either manually in a chart or automatically using either Pipelines or Machine Learning. Sabisu now provides a mechanism to allow Events of the same type to be analysed together, making it easy to extract key information from batch processes, or interrogate issues seen on plant.

The image below shows an example chart with Events created for each “batch”, these Events are all given the same label — “Batch – A”.

Example Batch Data

Example data with batches marked as Sabisu Events.

The new analytic “Series Limits” is used to analyse these Events, providing condensed information for each series in the chart on an event-by-event basis.

Event Limits

The Series Limits analytic shows the maximum, minimum, and average value for each series in each marked Event.

The new Series Limits analytic shows the maximum, minimum, and average value for each series in each Event. This information is presented chronologically with a data point plotted at the start time of each Event. This shows the evolution of the process data through each marked Event, highlighting trends that could have an impact on product quality by stripping out the noise associated with real-time measurements.

Using this analytic it is easy to assess the conformance of each batch to these conditions, e.g., if the batch must not exceed a specified temperature limit and must reach a pH less than or equal to some specified value.

It also provides a convenient visualisation for the operating range of the process parameters throughout each specific batch, which could also be correlated with product quality. For example, looking at the analytics results for the series TDPM: 2643 shown in blue it is clear that the range of values for this parameter is much greater than the other process variables. If the increase in range seen in the second event correlates to a decrease in product quality, this could suggest that greater control over this variable would have a positive impact on the process.

Future Analytics

This demonstrates just one of the analytics available in the Event Interrogation range, look out for future platform releases and blog posts outlining other tools available for Event processing.


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