Explore Sabisu Analytics with our Reference Data Generators

We have some great reference customers who allow us to use their data in demonstrations but having reference data available allows us and you to focus on and test Sabisu analytics.

Our reference datasets are automatically and continuously updated, 24/7, producing data so you can explore Sabisu analytics. It’s really useful, allowing you to:

  • Easily create a meaningful demonstration
  • Evaluate Sabisu analytics, seeing how they work in practice
  • Validate your own data
  • Use as examples in your own presentations


The Generator Functions are available in Pipelines in the Data lane as the ‘Generated Analytics Data’ SDO, which contains a group of tags aligned to some key Analytics :

  • Curve Alignment
  • Edge Correlation
  • Dynamic Time Warping
  • Spiral Charts
Generator functions

Curve Alignment and Edge Correlation

Generator functions part 2

Dynamic Time Warping and Spiral Charts

These have been very useful for us already – well worth experimenting with them.

All these charts can be used in Widget Working View alongside the Sabisu Analytics we have in there.

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