Extending Earned Value Management with Sabisu Project Analytics

We’ve just released 4 project analytics into Widget Working View (WWV) to complement the S Curve analytics already available.

Earned Value will need no introduction for project professionals; we’ve implemented Schedule Variance and Cost Variance metrics so it’s easy to plot cost and schedule variance from your Baseline, Forecast and Actual data into WWV.

Our R&D department have built on this to provide you with a full quantitative analysis of your project using Schedule Variance Rate of Change and Cost Variance Rate of Change.

If you upload your project plan into Sabisu we’re able to pull out and interpret key pieces of data to provide you with the following:

Cost Variance: This is the completed work cost compared to the planned work cost. If negative it shows that the project progress is lagging behind the forecast.

Schedule Variance: This is the completed work compared to the planned schedule, showing you how far ahead or behind you are in terms of time.

Cost Variance Rate of Change: This shows you the acceleration of cost variance from the project baseline. Which will allow you to analyse what happened that may have caused a sudden change in cost variance that put you in the negative, or conversely,  something that happened that got you back on track so that you can apply the same method.

Schedule Variance Rate of Change: This shows the rate of deviation of schedule variance from the project baseline. Similarly to cost variance rate of change, this allows you to quantitatively analyse deviations in schedule to identify the causes and better control the project progress.

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