Filter your Actions list based on tags (r7094)

This week we’re adding deeper integration of Actions into Sabisu, with automatic context-sensitive filtering of Actions.

So users viewing a trend for a specific tag can now see Actions related to that tag/graph right there alongside it. It’s immediately obvious who’s working on issues relating to that data.

It’s easy to implement; any Widget can show context-sensitive Actions, so you can always be sure that you (or your users) are looking at relevant information.

We’ve also made an improvement to how Frameless Widgets appear. They now have a¬†transparent¬†background so pages with themed backgrounds are still visible.


  • Multiple email addresses can now be entered in the Share dialog when sharing a Widget or page with other people.
  • Textbox Style is now available on textboxes in the Builder. This will apply CSS to the textbox, rather than the container.
  • The Widget external login prompt has received some attention and has been upgraded to fit in with the rest of the Sabisu theme.
  • Elements such as textboxes and checkboxes which follow each other will now line up correctly.

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