Find true meaning with Sabisu Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis uses algorithms designed by our in-house analytics team to determine whether a narrative and commentary in Sabisu is positive, negative or neutral. This is useful in almost any environment, e.g., if you have to read lengthy project reports then you can use sentiment analysis to prioritise what you should tackle first or to highlight project issues.

This is currently only available with Sabisu Notes and is only accessible by joining the Beta Group which you can do so by clicking Join Beta in your profile settings. It’s in Beta so we can fine tune the algorithm, so if you do find it’s not implying the correct sentiment take a screenshot and send it to

Whats the vision

We asked Dr Tim Butters, Head of R&D at Sabisu, to share the vision for sentiment analysis in Sabisu.

“The main motivation is to be able to analyse text data along with numerical data. You might be looking at cost performance over time, or how you’re progressing through the plan, so the idea is to present how the sentiment of the project narrative has changed over time. You could use it to try to automatically highlight risks or issues based on the comment sentiment.”

You’ll see sentiment analysis become richer and more widely embedded throughout the Beta as part of our ongoing ‘line of sight’ analytics programme.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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