Focus on Sabisu’s EHSS Management credentials (r7029)

This week we’ve put together some Workplace pages which demonstrate Sabisu’s EHSS management capabilities. We also have some real bonus functionality for developers and Widget Creators.

EHS/SHEM Management

This week we’ve put together a demonstration dashboard for EHS/SHEM management, focusing initially on Incident Management. It’s a hot topic with our customers at the moment, particularly those who have become reliant on legacy systems such as Lotus Notes.

We started with a simple, easy to use top-level view of incidents, including severity, owner, reference data and status:

This data can be derived in real-time from other data sources (including legacy data sources such as Lotus Notes) or an existing SHEM system – or you can punch it straight in, no other data source required.

Each incident is logged against a SHEM area, which is usually a process but might be a part of the business. Clicking on one of the SHEM areas at the top filters the list:

As you’ll appreciate, Sabisu provides some great reports too:

We think this is a great start and we welcome ideas or suggestions for improvement.

Embedding HTML into Widgets

Developers and Widget Creators will be delighted to hear that we’ve added a HTML Component to Builder. This is clearly adds a significant capability though it should be used with care; with great power comes great responsibility.

Connecting Widgets to Actions with the Action Component

This week sees another new Component; the Actions Component, which integrates with Sabisu’s native Actions functionality. Now you can display Actions in Widgets which are related to the data being displayed, keeping users right on top of any issues to be resolved.

Note that the Component for initiating client side scripts has been renamed Client Script in the Builder.

Other New Builder Functionality

We’ve also added a Chart Component setting which allows users to specify which series should show values if the “Show Value” field is enabled.

Defect fixes

  • Notifications have been updated to resolve a problem with posting a comment on someone else’s post. Previously this would send a notification to the original poster saying “You commented on your own post” but displayed the other person’s picture which caused some confusion.

  • Fixed an issue that stopped Revoke External Access from working on AD setups.

  • Loading widgets in the Builder which contain charts should now load much faster.
  • The “Add Watch” functionality for Widgets has been revised to be more reliable.
  • When inviting new users to the platform into a specific community you should now be able to enter multiple emails into the invite dialog before it submits.
  • Widget dragging and resizing has had a variety of general fixes; it’s now easy to drag/resize over tables and Thief Widgets and resizing won’t produce any strange ordering of Widgets.

  • While the Widget list in the Builder is refreshing a loader should now appear. Additionally, a refresh button is now available above the list.


As always we look forward to your ideas and suggestions. Everything we do is in response to requests from customers – the more feedback you give us, the better Sabisu will be. Comments welcome below, or at


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