From spreadsheet to Sabisu – a new Pipeline update

Sabisu Go is an easy way to share MS Excel data and Pipelines are an easy way to use that data in many different ways.

This week we’ve improved how Go data and Pipelines are connected to make using and sharing that data even easier.

If you have published data using Go to a Widget, you will have a new Widget menu option; Create Pipeline.

This makes it easier for users to use the full power of Sabisu Pipelines with MS Excel data as it prepares the Pipeline with the appropriate data source. All the fields are pre-filled in so that all you need to do configure the axis or titles if desired. Then simply deploy the chart to your Page so you can share and analyse your data.


In an imminent release of Sabisu Go you’ll be able to create a Pipeline automatically as part of the publishing process to help you quickly use your data.

Also in an imminent release of Sabisu, another Widget menu item will be added to automatically create a chart Widget from your published data without any configuration being required.

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