We’ve put together some more general FAQs here (rather than the ‘How to’ Support or Developer help elsewhere).

Hope these help!

Q: Do I need a server?

Not necessarily.
If you want to use Sabisu to analyse or report data, you might be able to do it all in the cloud by uploading files or using Sabisu Go.
If you want to analyse/report real-time process data, then you might need a Sabisu Unit, Sabisu Bridge or Sabisu Appliance on-premise, where it can access your data in the most efficient manner.

Q: What can I do in the cloud without an on-premise?

If you just want to build communities and collaborate using standard widgets, and files uploaded into Sabisu you can do that now. You can start an evaluation using Sabisu Go.

Q: What’s an on-premise Sabisu Unit going to give me?

If you want to stream real-time data into Sabisu then you need to install a Sabisu Unit on-premise which contains all the connectors to the back end system.
Sabisu can either process data locally using the on-premise Unit, or you can stream data to the cloud.
Either way there are plenty of widget templates for data display and Sabisu Go will hook up your MS Excel reports.
You can also build widgets and applications for your site and build your own store of widgets. This allows you to build dashboards and share with user communities.

Q: Do I need to think about Communities?

Communities can contain internal or external users. Sabisu integrates with Active Directory so you would typically grant access to your back end systems using an AD account. Sabisu adds another layer of control as to what data is displayed.

 Q: What will it cost?

It depends what you want to do; as little as £30/user/year.
Customers range from £15,000 to £150,000 for a typical deployment to a site or project.
Sabisu is licensed on an annual subscription basis so customers can scale up or down as required.
Usually implementation services are bundled with the license fee, as well as a good support service to keep the users and widget builders happy.
You may procure and build the server hardware yourself, or we can provide a prepared Sabisu Appliance that you simply drop into your infrastructure and we maintain.

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