Can you get your project back on track?

We’ve just released a new analytics tool in Widget Working View designed for project s-curves. It works with both cost and progress information and calculates recovery measures.

Firstly it will calculate the required rate for recovery within a month. This is usually the shortest recovery period that makes sense but even then, often it’s too short and results in an unrealistic ramp in project spend or progress.

It also calculates a recovery period based on the maximum rate seen in the baseline or planned value. As the baselines and approved plans are rarely intentionally unrealistic, it makes sense to use them as an indicator of maximum possible productivity.

Plotting both these values on a project s-curve allows an informed decision to be made.

S curve

Of course, this isn’t the whole story. As the project nears completion we’d expect to see the s-curve flatten off. These analytics will be updated to include that natural slowing of progress in the next few weeks.

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